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The Zombie Queen

31 December
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A 19 year old girl working at a coffe shop as a barista to get enough money to pay for her expensive habit of endless shopping. Pretty much into fashion in general, but especially gyaru. That's the "everyday look". From my point of wiev, fashion is art. K-fashion is interesting, but I prefer J-fashion at the moment, as I love to exaggerate and go crazy. I started off as a Lolita, but I soon found out that it didn't really fit into my life. I got more and more into Rokku, and that's the style that I feel most comfortable in and suits my lifestyle.

I'm also into health and nutrition. And exercising! I do a lot of aerobic, pilates and Yoga. But I do go for a jog once in a while too. I should mention that i'm the master of hola hoops too ;). Yeah, I do quite a lot of effort to take care of my body. I think that's a huge part of being a "gal" is about.

Other than that, I love creative writing (I write novels and poems), gaming (I prefer online mmo's but I do have an xbox), walking my dogs, read, Science illustrated, watching tv, hanging out with friends, karakoke, parapara, tea & coffe, learning new languages, culture + a lot more